Captain Joe "Maz" Mustari has been fishing the waters of New York Harbor for over 35 years. Born on Staten Island, he started out fishing the small ponds around his home for large mouth bass and blue gills, but soon became a die-hard jetty and surf fisherman. He found out early on that the waters surrounding the busiest city in the world were just teaming with stripers and blues. It wasn't long before he made the transition from beach to boat. 

Always pushing the limits of light tackle, he eventually fell in love with the fly rod and became vastly proficient at catching all the species that the bays, rivers, and ocean had to offer. 

A certified Coast Guard Captain, Joe Mustari or "Maz Man", as he is known in the fishing community, has been guiding anglers to what some say is possibly one of the best fisheries on the East Coast. He has been featured on numerous outdoor television networks and has been written about in many outdoor books and magazines. He welcomes all levels of experience - from experts to beginners, and especially kids. He has been teaching kids about fishing conservation, fly tying, and fly fishing for the past 20 years. 


Phone: (732) 491 - 9794

Email: mazman4@verizon.net